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About TGW

Taiwan Green Wall Development Co., Ltd (TGW) is an expert company in Vertical Greening, with whole set service we offer product research and development, design, construction even maintenance.
TGW is not only popularizing Anti-typhoon product for domestic but also overseas such as Malaysia, Macao, Hong Kong and Mainland China.
Our distinguishing feature is easy, convenient to install and maintain, in the meantime we also provide custom made product if needed.
TGW has interrelated experience doing Greening more than 10 year even we established since 2009. Our goal is making our living cities greening and also can sustainable development in future.

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Product Information

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Pre-cast method

Due to urban industrial area limited
(such as narrow space, short task timing, conflict situation with others, etc.)
TGW utilizes pre-cast method to manufacture in factory based on working drawing in advanced, then assemble at construction site (e.g. manufactured in Area A, install in Area B)
Because of this, we can shorten working timing and make our products perfectly.
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Fast Assemble and Install

Due to product maturity, less technical issue and special transport facilities,
our product can reduce timing for installation in urban cities
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Less Repairing

Maintenance management is most weakness part for Green Wall making.
By using TGW design product system which can reduce most checkpoints significantly.
With this circumstance, maintenance time will be shortened.
In other hand, if it collocates with reserved checkpoint route by designer it can greatly cut down related costs.

Design Matters

For plants growing better, nothing more than sunlight, air and water so Green Wall making needs to pay attention to basic physical needs itself.
Also, vertical planting environment will be different than ground growth. Contact us if need further information.








Working Process


Working Process